'See your own imagination plenty at work? Fix your eyes regularly on one point in the artwork and see wat happens.'



'It is the art to be in touch with the unknown, the unnamable, the mystery of our existence.'

'Never underestimate the art of yawning!' (This is a bit of a deviation from this artist. He yawns at least once a day the stars of the sky. Then he has all energy for the evening again.)



Niek van der Valk was born in The Netherlands close to the Amsterdam Forest.

Constellation fish. Chinese constellation tiger.

In his younger years he frequented the Stedelijk Museum in A'dam. It turned out to be crucial years for his development as an autodidact.

Last education: pedagogic academy, Amsterdam, not finished. And then he knew it: 'I was born as an artist!'

Once, at an exhibition, a woman came to him and said: 'You look around like a bird of prey'. And he responded: 'May I introduce myself, the name is van der Valk. Can I eat you?'

 Finest solo exhibition: 

 Israel Gallery Linka, Amsterdam

Group exhibition:

Forbidden City, Beiing. Golden medal Olympic Fine Arts 2008.

Lived near the River IJssel for a while. Now in a little bungalow near the Hunebed Highway N34.

Still 1.87 m, creative and hungry for recognition.

This site is in honour of his mother Anna Clazina. 




Niek van der Valk lived long in the vicinity of the River Amstel where Rembrandt van Rijn lived.

It is good that he never knew Niek might be a descendant of him, otherwise he would have gone on holiday immediately.





Niek van der Valk Niek van der Valk